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Overwatch PTR Gets New Cross-Hair Customization Options

Blizzard is fulfilling yet another request from the passionate community of Overwatch by introducing new cross-hair customization options.

Currently available on the Public Test Region (PTR), players can choose from five different types of cross-hairs before diving into a bunch of options to adjust the design according to need. This includes thickness, width, opacity, center gap, and size. Overwatch already offers a few limited ways through which to customize the cross-hairs. The developer is now expanding on that with a slew of options, as well as pushing new color options.

The new options can be found under the “Controls” section of the “Options” menu. Once there, the “Reticle” section can be expanded under “Advanced” for further adjustments.

It was only last month when players took to the official forums to ask for more freedom when it comes to setting up their desired reticles. Blizzard has taken a page out of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which features an overwhelming amount of customization options for unique cross-hairs.

Expect the new changes to arrive for Overwatch with the next update, accompanying the new adjustments for loot boxes. The amount of duplicate items is being reduced significantly and any copies attained will be automatically scrapped for an increased amount of Credits (in-game currency).