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Orisa’s Ultimate Got Bugged With the Latest Overwatch Patch

Overwatch received its new patch just a couple of days ago but players were fairly quick in noticing something peculiar with Orisa.

The guardian robot is currently charging her ultimate ability (Supercharger) while it is in use. Normally, it should start cycling through its cooldown timer after the ability has expired. The bug, though, allows Orisa to get her charge back fairly quickly.

Supercharger, when deployed, increases the damage of allies from a stationary position who are within a small radius. The ability lasts for fifteen seconds. However, the bug makes it easier for Orisa to get her ultimate ability ready for nearly every team fight. It is a powerful tool to have; thus, making it a frustrating bug in the game.

Blizzard has already acknowledged the issue and is currently working on a fix. Posting on the official forums, community manager Zoevia confirmed that the bug is not a “new feature” and should be addressed soon. A timeline was not mentioned but players should expect the hot-fix to arrive in the coming days.

In the mean time, the hero is still available for use in the game. Players are likely to take advantage of the bug in their ranked games. The rest just need to stay put until the ability is fixed.

In other news, the latest patch continues the war on cheaters. It apparently features an undocumented change that disables a certain aimbot hack, which uses color recognition to lock on to targets. The games should feel a bit cleaner now.