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Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Switch Version Is A Possibility

Video game developer Deck Nine Games, the developers of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, have now gone on record saying that a Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Switch version isn’t out of the question. Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is a prequel to Dontnod’s Life Is Strange.

While Deck Nine Games’s lead writer Zak Gariss didn’t necessarily confirm that a version would be coming, he did say that there was potential for it in the future.

The original Life Is Strange game focused on Max Caulfield, a student at the pretigious art school Blackwell Academy, as she both reconnected with people from her old life and dealt with her mysteriously-gained ability to rewind time.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, however, doesn’t feature Max at all. Instead, Life Is Strange focuses on Max’s best friend Chloe, and her relationship with a girl named Rachel. In the original game Rachel was merely a victim of a serial killer and we knew almost nothing about her. The prequel aims to change that.

A Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Switch version would be adding another Triple A game to the Nintendo Switch, though there’s no indication about whether or not the original game would also make the jump to Nintendo’s console. It’s a question to ask Dontnod, the original developers, and hopefully it will happen.

Nintendo has been making an effort lately to put more third-party games on the Nintendo Switch, so if we get both a Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Switch version, and a Switch version of the original Life Is Strange, Nintendo would likely be getting two third-party games for the price of one.

Either way, we’ll just have to see if we do end up getting Switch versions of the Life Is Strange game, and hopefully we’ll get news on that at some point in the future.