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League of Legends Two-Factor Authentication in the Pipelines

League of Legends may be a free-to-play game but the amount of willful spending and grinding makes it necessary that every account is fully secured.

In the past, Riot Games has been a bit too lenient when it comes to adding protection firewalls to safeguard the community against hackers and the likes. Losing an account to someone can be devastating, especially if the victim has been regularly playing for years. There is the matter of skins purchased with real-world money, champions and runes unlocked, ranked ratings gained, summoner icons obtained, and other progression aspects. Hence, the reason that many players are wondering if the developer has any plans for additional security measures to keep their accounts safe.

Posting in a thread on Reddit, Riot Games assured that it is always concerned with the subject of account security and is currently working on an initiative to introduce additional protection options for players.

Next month, League of Legends will receive a minor update that notifies players to verify their email addresses as soon as possible. Once done, an attempt to change the password will be blocked until the player submits a code residing in the specified email address.

“As we begin to phase in new security measures, we will be leveraging a verified email address to confirm the activity on your account,” said product owner of the player accounts team MoshiDog. “Over time we are looking into expanding the use of additional factors for authentication and may add the option to use a cell phone instead of an email.”

The two-factor authentication system, used by pretty much every other major service, will arrive for League of Legends at some point in the near future. However, the developer is currently investing its time in the detection of “suspicious login activity” and blocking of malicious users.

Stay safe, summoners.