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Latest Overwatch Patch Disables Specific Aimbot Hack

It has come to light that among the mentioned gameplay changes for Overwatch, the most recent patch also included an important undocumented adjustment.

According to a thread on Reddit, Blizzard has successfully disabled a certain hacking tool that was being used by several players. This specific aimbot uses image recognition to automatically lock on to targets. Overwatch uses a shade of red to outline opponents. The tool in question uses the same color to its benefit. However, the recent patch completely nullifies the hack by slightly changing the color used to outline enemy players.

Do note that the update does not detect the hack and so does not ban players for using it. That being said, the aimbot is more or less useless to use now as it can no longer provide the same accuracy as before. Nonetheless, guilty players are still going to try their luck.

As we usually come to see in such scenarios, the developer behind the hack could potentially update the code by simply tuning into the new color. It potentially comes down to how soon it can find what shade is being used by Blizzard.

Earlier this year, Blizzard took Bossland to court over the creation and selling of some of the most infuriating cheats in Overwatch. The company was responsible for the infamous Watchover Tyrant hack which permitted a player to see health, position, and other critical information of foes regardless of distance. The hacking program was also famous for countering Blizzard’s “Warden” anti-cheat system.

The good news is that Blizzard won the case in April and shut down the cheat-maker, at the same time also being awarded $8.5 million in damages.