How to Get Shiny Birds in Angry Birds Evolution

How to Get Shiny Birds in Angry Birds Evolution Guide to help you acquire shiny birds in Angry Birds Evolution. Angry Birds Evolution is the newest hot game from Rovio and it introduces a plethora of new features and ways to play the game. It also features different collectibles for you to collect and one of these collectibles are Shiny Birds.

Shiny birds are ‘shiny’ variants of normal birds, they look like normal birds but they are actually shiny and come with different boosts that help you in the game. Let us see how you can get your hands on these shiny birds in Angry Birds Evolution.

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Shiny Birds in Angry Birds Evolution

In our Shiny Birds in Angry Birds Evolution Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about acquiring Shiny Birds in Angry Birds.

Shiny Birds in Angry Birds Evolution

The way to acquire to shiny birds is very simple. You do not need to do any special task to acquire, all you need to do is go to your hatchery and hatch some eggs. They will eventually hatch from these eggs. Whenever you find a bird, go to your hatchery and hatch it. Chance are you might end up with a ‘shiny variant’ of that bird. The way to identify a shiny bird is by their gleam and shine on the screen and the little shiny stat written on their card. This little stat determines what is the special boost associated with that shiny bird.

There are three main shiny stats, which can be associated with a shiny bird. They can be gold multiplier, which means that the bird will sell for more money than normal ones. Experience boost stat means that it will level up faster than any other normal bird while the last one is XP booster, which will make you level up faster.

Another way to acquire these shiny birds is via shiny totems. Totems are dropped as special loots and they are very rare. A shiny totem can convert any bird to shiny by giving it a boost. This method is even rarer than the egg one. The drop rate of shiny birds is very low so it will take you some grinding to unlock more shiny birds. The more eggs you hatch the more chances of getting a shiny bird out of them. You also get eggs after battles so you can grind the battles to acquire more eggs as well.

So to acquire more shiny birds, keep on battling and collecting eggs. You will eventually have a great collection of shiny birds. This concludes our shiny birds – hot to get guide. If you have anything to add, please use the comments section below!