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Hitman Denuvo Tech Removed In Latest Patch For Some Reason

The Hitman Denuvo tech that normally protects the game from being pirated has apparently been removed over the course of a new patch that came out today, though we don’t know why. If the Denuvo has been removed, it may be put back in place at a later date.

This has happened with a number of other games in the past, which had removed their Denuvo tech only to put it back in another patch. With that in mind, the removal of the Hitman Denuvo tech may have just been an accident, rather than anything deliberate.

If it was deliberate, IO may be attempting some sort of gambit to increase recognition of the game, since they’re not part of Square Enix anymore ever since the company cut them loose due to not meeting financial expectations for last year.

That incident had left the future of the series in doubt because the first season had ended on a cliffhanger with more questions than answers, and Season 2’s (and the game as a whole’s) future was left in doubt because of it.

The latest Hitman patch dealt a great deal with level design and a few other adjustments, such as adding in a global hint system for new players, fixing an issue with a contract (the Adrian Eclipse), menu tweaks, bootflow options, and a number of other glitches.

Hitman recently got its tutorial level, “The Playground“, released for free for all of its platforms in celebration of IO Interactive managing to remain an independent studio while also retaining control of the Hitman series.

We don’t know if the removal of the Hitman Denuvo tech was deliberate, but hopefully they’ll respond and say it was either a mistake or will offer an explanation as to why it’s now gone. For all we know there may even be a new anti-piracy software that’s being implemented.