Hearthstone Card Packs Will Soon Give You More Legendaries

The Hearthstone card packs are finally being tweaked by Blizzard to fulfill a long-awaited request from the woeful community.

Beginning with the release of the next expansion pack, every legendary card attained from a card pack will be the one that the player does not currently own from the same set.

To further clarify; owning either a golden or non-golden version of a legendary card, from say the latest Journey to Un’Goro, will guarantee that the player does not receive a duplicate from that same expansion pack. The only way of unlocking the same legendary card is if the player owns all the legendary cards from a specific set.

Blizzard is also ensuring that players will unlock a legendary card from the first ten packs of a new set. The developer, however, did not explain whether this replaces or reduces the controversial “pity timer” of Hearthstone card packs. In the worst case scenario, players are guaranteed to get at least two or three legendary cards from the fifty card packs gained from pre-ordering a new expansion.

Finally, Blizzard is reducing the number of copies produced by any single card pack. Players will no longer see three or more of the same common, rare, or epic card after zealously unlocking a pack.

The new changes should make it enjoyable and easier to gain useful and powerful cards for different decks. In addition, players will be able to craft their favorite legendary cards without having to worry about unlocking duplicates.

As mentioned above, all the aforementioned changes are scheduled to go live with the release of the next expansion pack. According to rumors, the next round of content may have to deal with the return of the Lich King.

Hearthstone is the second game this week that Blizzard is addressing to reduce the amount of frustration from unlocking duplicate items. The Overwatch loot boxes are also being tweaked to curb copies of items that the player already owns.