Grand Theft Auto V Steam Reviews Drop to “Overwhelmingly Negative,” Overall “Mixed”

Grand Theft Auto V Steam reviews recently took a hit when the recent feedback went from positive to mostly negative. However, since then things have taken a turn for the worst. According to the latest from Steam, Grand Theft Auto V Steam reviews have dropped to “overwhelmingly Negative,” also denting overall reviews which stand at “Mixed” at the time of this writing.

The negative reviews are the result of Take-Two banning OpenIV, the base of pretty much all of Grand Theft Auto V mods. Many members of the community are vowing not to support Take-Two in the future if they don’t change their consumer unfriendly policy.

OpenIV is a modding tool used to create singleplayer mods and as evident by recent Grand Theft Auto V Steam reviews, banning the tool is not sitting well with the community. To bring change, a petition was started at The petition has reached almost 75K supporters.

For 10 years now the Grand Theft Auto series has been edited and modded by people to make the game more enjoyable. Hundreds if not thousands of people have bought one or all of Grand Theft Auto: SA, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Grand Theft Auto V just to mod it. The modding of these games have been done mostly in singleplayer and with the help of OpenIV, a software that lets you get into the game’s files and replace vehicles, scripts, textures, etc. The closing of OpenIV leaves 10,000s of people without access to be able to mod their games, and leaves 10,000s of people without the ability to continue their hobbies. All modding used by OpenIV is for singleplayer use only to make the game more enjoyable, the software OpenIV was never used to mod multiplayer or Grand Theft Auto Online so it does not harm anyone.

Rockstar Games and its publisher Take-Two are the biggest fish in the pond so we don’t expect them to change their policy, especially, since they have already made billions from GTA V.