Borderlands 3 Cross Platform Play Would Be Offered By Gearbox, If Possible

According to a recent statement by Gearbox Software, the studio would like to offer Borderlands 3 cross platform play, if both Sony and Microsoft allowed it. Cooperation between the two studios is the main obstacle in allowing players to play multiplayer with people on different consoles, especially these days.

The statement came from studio head Randy Pitchford on Twitter, who was responding to a question about cross platform play from another user. He said while Gearbox would like to offer cross platform play, it was impossible without the cooperation of both Sony and Microsoft.

Normally, what we get as cross platform mainly consists of exclusively Microsoft platforms, mainly with the Xbox One and the PC. So far this generation, cross platform play between an Xbox One and a Playstation 4 has been impossible due to Sony and Microsoft not wanting to work together for a variety of reasons.

And so, for now, Borderlands 3 cross platform play won’t be happening. With the game being more fun in multiplayer and available on all sorts of platforms, one would think that cross platform play would be a shoe-in. Unfortunately, it won’t be unless Playstation and Microsoft can come to an agreement.

While Microsoft has already progressed to the PC and Xbox One having cross platform play, Sony’s own reason for not wanting cross platform play with Microsoft is apparently due to keeping children from being exposed to indecent content, even on games like Rocket League and Minecraft.

Borderlands 3 hasn’t actually been officially announced yet either, and was absent from E3. However, considering how successful the series has been, it’s almost a certainty that the game is being developed. We may even get an announcement sometime later this year, and Gearbox has hinted that they’re working on something else.

Hopefully we will get Borderlands 3 cross platform play at some point in the future, but for now it seems like it’s simply a pipe dream.