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Player Catalogues Anthem Player Abilities For Upcoming BioWare Game

BioWare unveiled its new open-world action game Anthem at E3 last week, and now after repeated viewings of its gameplay a Reddit user by the name of Beelzybob has catalogued what appear to be a lot of the different Anthem player abilities that we’ll be using while we play the game.

Anthem focuses on the remnants of humanity sequestered in a fortified city named Fort Tarsus on what appears to be a devastated Earth, overrun with killer robots and mutated animals. Humans from within the city put on armored suits called Javelins in order to go out in the world and fight, and their suits also give them special abilities.

According to Beelzybob, each of the Anthem player abilities can be limited to a certain type of Javelin, and we got to see multiple different types of suits during the game’s E3 demo. For instance, for the heavy-combat, tank-type Colossus Javelin, two of its abilities include a ground pound and a mortar strike.

For the more versatile, all-around Ranger Javelin, abilities include a multi-target missile volley for groups of enemies, a shotgun, and a zoom function. There are likely a lot more, and we’ll likely get multiple ones for each kind of suit. And, considering how BioWare has done with ability trees in past games, there will likely be a lot of them.

There’s one other suit that appears at the end of the demo that appears to be some sort of “mage” class, for lack of a better term, but we don’t know any of the abilities for it (besides the jetpack that every Javelin has).

Anthem will likely be releasing sometime in the Fall of 2018 for the Xbox One, the Playstation 4, and the PC. In the meantime, we’ll have to keep an eye on BioWare to see if they release any more information about the game.