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Super Mario Odyssey Framerate On The Switch Delivers 60 FPS

The Super Mario Odyssey framerate will apparently deliver 60 frames per second on the Nintendo Switch, according to the folks at Digital Foundry. Digital Foundry put the game through its paces following its gameplay debut at E3 and taking the game through a number of areas, but it stayed at 60.

Rock-solid 60 frames per second is a golden number that many video game developers aspire to, however there are very few games (on consoles at least) that can actually keep it there. Many games therefore end up running only at 30 frames per second, or somewhere in between thirty and 60.

However, the Super Mario Odyssey framerate appears to be one of the few games that’s hit that number and can stay there almost completely without any sort of drop. The numerous other areas of Super Mario Odyssey all allow the game to stay at 60, the only area that doesn’t being New Donk City, the “real world” city that Nintendo first unveiled when Super Mario Odyssey was announced in January.

The main reason that causes the framerate to dip is mostly because of the sheer size of the city environment, along with the NPCs that walk around it. Even then, however, the game still runs extremely well, so it seems like Nintendo’s outdone itself with its work on the game.

However, the Super Mario Odyssey framerate didn’t come without sacrifices; the game runs at 720p resolution, meaning that the visual quality has suffered, however mildly, in exchange for a super-smooth framerate. NPC models only come in as two-dimensional sprites when they come into visual range, and only become 3D when they get close.

Since the game’s release date is still around four months away, there’s still plenty of time for Nintendo to be able to optimize the game some more and maybe up the visual quality (especially since Mario Kart could run at 60 frames at 1080p resolution.) If you want to see the Digital Foundry video, just look farther up the article.