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Twitch Wins Two-Year Exclusive Streaming Rights To “Blizzard Esports Content”

Blizzard and Twitch have announced a new partnership that gives the streaming giant the license to be the sole broadcaster for “Blizzard esports content.”

For the next two years, Twitch will be the only online platform covering world championships and premier events for the company’s competitive ecosystem. The deal is said to “reflect Blizzard’s and Twitch’s long-term investment and ongoing commitment to their passionate communities.”

A press release confirms the following events for now, before mentioning over twenty “major individual events” that are also part of the arrangement:

  • Heroes of the Storm Global Championship
  • StarCraft II World Championship Series
  • Hearthstone Championship Tour
  • Hearthstone Global Games
  • World of Warcraft Arena Championship
  • Overwatch APEX League
  • Overwatch Premier Series

In addition, the new partnership gives the audience a major reason to get a Twitch Prime account. On top of the previously mentioned benefits, subscribers will now have access to free loot in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch.

This new initiative starts with Overwatch. From now until August 10, signing into a Twitch Prime account will get you a golden loot box that contains a guaranteed legendary item. In the next couple of months, a total of ten regular loot boxes will be added to that list of freebies. A similar promotional program is in the works for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm later this year and will be revealed soon.

The monetary details regarding the streaming arrangement have not been revealed. For a minor comparison, Riot Games and BAMTech signed a similar streaming deal in March that is worth $300 million. It gives the Major League Baseball-owned platform exclusive rights to “stream and monetize” the esports scene of League of Legends through sponsorship and advertisement.