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Celebrate Summer Solstice and Thatcher’s Birthday in Rainbow Six Siege

Two new challenges have been activated for Rainbow Six Siege, giving the community the limited opportunity to unlock three more unique weapon charms.

The Summer Solstice Challenge is all about celebrating the alignment of the geographical pole of our planet. Players must end a game as the MVP of their team with a score of 3,000 for the “Mother charm” and again with a score of 3,800 for the “Talisman charm.”

The next is the Thatcher Birthday Challenge, tasking players to win twenty rounds with any S.A.S operator (Sledge, Thatcher, Mute, or Smoke) in any game mode for the “Thatcher Medallion charm.”

Take note that both challenges are available as of now and will remain active until June 27. Visit the Ubisoft Club Challenge tab to start the challenges and return for the rewards once completed. In case that you have completed the challenges but are unable to redeem them for their respective rewards, the developer has advised to restart the client and try again in a few minutes.

Rainbow Six Siege recently received its first patch for the ongoing Operation Health initiative. It introduced the much-awaited rework for hit-boxes, changes to several maps to curb the problem of spawn-killing, and balance updates to several operators.