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Gwent Updates Matchmaking System for Fairer Games

The matchmaking system of Gwent has received a few adjustments to ensure that the ranked ratings of players are accurately taken into consideration.

Posting on the official website, the developer noted that it has been “exploring the difficulties” faced by the top-ranking players in their competitive games. Fair match-ups are always an integral part of a multiplayer title. In the case of Gwent, the matchmaking system was in the habit of pitting players against each other regardless of their standing in the leaderboard.

“The adjustments we’ve made are now live,” reads the announcement. “They make searching for opponents faster and more precise, and the number of ranking points distributed after each match better reflect the matchup. We’ve also realigned the ranking for the top of the leaderboard, while retaining the relative order in the ladder.”

CD Projekt RED, however, refrained from delving into any details regarding the changes. It, though, did mention that the new update will only affect the top-ranking players residing in the leaderboard. Those below will hardly see any difference in their chosen opponents.

As with every multiplayer game, Gwent is far from having an accurate matchmaking system. The developer promised that it will continue to monitor the data and push necessary changes to make Gwent an even better game.

The free-to-play card game entered open beta last month and received its first major update last week. A number of cards were tweaked and bug-fixes introduced. Among the changes were also adjustments to the crafting mechanism, which increased the milling outcome for common and rare cards by a hundred percent. In addition, Leader cards can no longer be obtained through Kegs and Rewards.