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Destiny 2 Gameplay Design is Different From the Original, Less of a Time Sink It Is

The original Destiny proved to be a grind on occasion but that won’t be the case with Destiny 2. According to Luke Smith, Destiny 2 gameplay design is different from the original game. It would be less of a grind and players will have more fun playing.

By dropping the grinding element of the game, Bungie is aiming to boost the engagement rate of Destiny 2. Developers are thinking “candidly,” carrying the positive elements over from Destiny and working on the negatives to improve the experience.

I think candidly… I don’t think we always knew exactly what we were making. We had high-level things that we understood. Like, we want this to be a game you can return to every week. We wanted to be a game that was compatible with real life. And candidly, we failed there. Destiny 1 wasn’t compatible with real life

Destiny became an “obligation” and players had to devote serious amounts of time. Smith compared Destiny to a wedding ring, it is a long-term relationship between the player and the game.

It became a game that became an obligation. I’ve described it before – it’s hard to give someone Destiny as a gift. They open the game [and] there’s a wedding ring instead of a disk. You’re giving them this relationship, this thing that’s going to take work. Compatibility with real life? Gone.

Destiny 2 gameplay design is crafted for engagement and with the release of the beta, the community will get to experience it first hand. Destiny 2 beta is starting soon which will give the player to test the game’s new design. Destiny 2 is releasing on September 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: GamesRadar