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Yeah Bunny Tips and Tricks – Finding All Keys, Carrots, Revives, and Climbing

Yeah Bunny Tips and Tricks Guide to help you get started with the game and learn all about carrots, keys, climbing, and jumping in the game. Yeah Bunny is a cute little game where you play as a bunny whose sole purpose is to run while collecting carrots and keys, doing all this while surviving pit falls and spikes.

Yeah Bunny Tips and Tricks Guide will help you explain the basic mechanics of the game such as finding all keys, carrots, how and when to use the revives and how to climb in the game. Yeah Bunny is available on iOS by Adrian Zarzycki.

Yeah Bunny Tips and Tricks

Let us start with the guide that will help you ace the levels and face the perils in the world of Yeah Bunny.

Yeah Bunny Tips and Tricks

Finding Keys

In the world of Yeah Bunny, every level has total three keys that are well hidden. You need these keys for level and world progression so it is vital that you collect every key in a level. These keys will be scattered all over the level. You must try to collect all 3 keys in every level.

Some keys will be hidden in very difficult areas so if you die while trying to collect one, do not worry. You can try as many times as you would like for these keys. If you miss these keys, you will not be able to progress in the game. Master every level, be patient and find all 3 keys in every level.

Collecting Carrots

Just like keys, you will be running after carrots in Yeah bunny as well. Carrots are used primarily to purchase ‘continue’ when you die. It is advised that you collect as many carrots as possible in every level as you will eventually die a lot in the later stages. You should take your time with every level collecting carrots and keys as they are beneficial for you. Carrots have no other use in the game so you can save them for difficult stages instead of wasting them on easy stages.

Using Revives

Revives are used in the game when you die to continue the game from where you died rather than starting the level from the start. This is very helpful in difficult and complex stages where starting a level from start could be very tiresome. The carrots that you collect are used to buy revives or ‘continue’ when you die.

Therefore, whenever you die, you can use your carrots to revive yourself and continue the level. It is advised that you save your carrots for the later levels as the beginning levels are very easy and you can easily complete them again from the start if you die. Save your carrots for more technical and difficult stages where you might find it unconvincing to start from the beginning.

Mastering the Movement

Yeah Bunny is an auto-runner, which means that the bunny will run itself. You will need to focus on three main things that is timing your taps, jumping and climbing. To jump, all you need to do is tap the screen and the bunny will jump. If you double tap the screen, the bunny will do a double jump.

Key to succeed here is to never rush the game, be patient with it and allow yourself to learn the stages by slight grinding of levels. You will eventually play a level more than 1 times if you are collecting all keys and carrots. You will need to perfectly time your jumps so that you do not end up killing yourself.

Later stages will be very difficult and you will need to jump over many obstacles such as pits and spikes so you must be patient with your taps even though the bunny is running itself. Unlike typical runners, Yeah Bunny allows you to go in the opposite direction as well so if you miss a collectible, you can always go back to get it. To do this, simply run into a wall and the bunny will turn around giving you a chance to collect all those collectibles that you might have missed.

Climbing is another important aspect of the controls that you must master. To climb up, you will need to time your jumps very carefully. When you approach a wall, jump and as soon as you bump the wall, tap the screen again and it will make you jump in the opposite direction and hence this way you can climb up.

While jumping, timing is very important, if you jump too early you may not be able to climb up or you might die if there is a hazard present. Also while running avoid jumping without any need, as you might end up in a pit that suddenly appears in front of you so it is best to be careful rather than hasty.

This concludes our Yeah Bunny Tips and Tricks Guide. If you want to add anything else, please use the comments section below!