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Nvidia Volta Gaming GPUs To Feature 5376 CUDA Cores, Nvidia Disclose Information About Their 12 nm FFT Secret Weapon

AMD Vega GPUs are going to be coming out by August this year and they will not only be competing with the Nvidia GTX 10 series GPUs that are based on the Pascal architecture but also with the upcoming Nvidia Volta gaming GPUs. Nvidia talked about the true potential of Nvidia Volta that gives us some insights regarding what you can expect from the upcoming Nvidia Volta gaming GPUs.

Pascal is based on the 16nm design but the upcoming Nvidia Volta gaming GPUs will be based on the 12nm process. This means a smaller die, less heat, better power consumption and a boost in performance as compared to Pascal. Total Nvidia announced that Nvidia Volta will feature a total of 5376 CUDA cores which is a huge bump as compared to Pascal GPUs.

To give you an idea of how significant of an increase that is, the Titan Xp has 3840 CUDA cores and the GTX 1080 Ti has 3,584 CUDA cores. So you can see the performance boost that Nvidia Volta gaming GPUs will potentially deliver. Of course, mid- range and low-end GPUs will have fewer CUDA cores but you can expect to see a bump in these numbers across the board.

Nvidia has been the market leader when it comes to graphics cards for as long as we can remember. Even though AMD has tried to put up a fight there has been little difference at the high-end. AMD Vega is supposed to shake things up a bit but seeing how Vega is very late to the game and Volta is already in the works, it will all come down to price to performance ratios.

Let us know what you think about Volta and whether or not you think Nvidia Volta gaming GPUs will be worth the upgrade if you already own a Pascal GPU.