Magikarp Jump Diamond Miner Guide – How to Get

Magikarp Jump Diamond Miner Guide will help you get the ultimate mining tool in Magikarp Jump that is the Diamond Miner. This is so far the most sought after tool in the game Magikarp Jump. The process to unlock the Diamond Miner is complicated and is no easy feat, however, with the help of this guide; you will be able to unlock this tool without any problems.

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Magikarp Jump Diamond Miner Guide

In our Magikarp Jump Diamond Miner Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about acquiring the ultimate mining tool in the game.

Magikarp Jump Diamond Miner

Diamond Miner is the best tool to get diamonds in this game and naturally, it is a bit of a hassle to acquire it. What you need to do to unlock the Diamond miner is by activating five different reward levels by earning 2,500 Exchange Tickets. Once you unlock it, you can earn 100 diamonds every day with a simple touch of a button and without doing a single thing.

Exchange Tickets are the premium currency of the game earned only from buying diamonds at the Exchange Office. When you purchase Diamonds from the office, you get equivalent amount of Exchange tickets as well which can be used to unlock the reward levels. Each reward level requires 500 Exchange tickets to activate. This means that you will need to purchase 2,500 exchange tickets, which will cost you around $45-50 USD.

When you are ready to buy the Diamond Mining tool, simply start your game and head to the Exchange Office. Once there, you will need to purchase the 2,100 Diamond offer and 500 Diamond offer respectively. This will give you 2,600 diamonds. Buying the diamonds will also give you the same number of Exchange Tickets. Now use these Exchange Tickets to unlock the five reward levels, which are worth 500 tickets each. Once done, you will have finally unlocked the Diamond Mining Tool.

Using the Diamond Mining Tool

To use the Diamond Mining Tool, simply go to the main menu and click the Diamond Mining Tool at the top of the screen. It will give you 100 diamonds every day, which is an easy way of earning diamonds without doing anything later on in the game. Make sure to tap on the icon every day and reset the counter so that you have 100 diamonds waiting for you the next day when you login the game. Enjoy your new Diamond Mining Tool.

This is all we have in our Magikarp Jump Diamond Miner Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to do so in the comments below!