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Friday The 13th Free DLC Coming After Server Issues On Launch Weekend

There will be Friday The 13th free DLC coming now that the game has officially launched, according to a statement by Gun Media, its developer. The game came out with a number of different issues, but it seems that with a number of patches and updates those have been fixed.

The new DLC that’s coming out will be including new outfits (two for each of the counselor characters), 13,000 CP points for you to spend on things, a double XP weekend from June 23 to June 25, and even a new costume for Jason, the NES Retro Jason costume from that console’s Friday the 13th game. That skin also comes with the game’s original chiptune track.

All of the Friday the 13th free DLC will be available on every platform that the game is available on; this includes the Playstation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC.

The Friday the 13th game is an effort to essentially allow players to act out a Friday the 13th movie themselves. Players take on the roles of counselors at Camp Crystal Lake, trying to survive Jason hunting them down. The game is a love letter to the series, with numerous nods to the movie’s continuity.

The game has been fairly well-reviewwed, but was hampered upon actually releasing due to a number of technical problems that prevented people from getting into games or being able to stay in them. Hopefully all of the updates and whatnot have fixed those issues and made people happier about the game.

If you want to experience the Friday the 13th free DLC for yourself, you can buy the game on any of its current platforms. The game is currently only playable on multiplayer, so hopefully you can run around and find people to play with while you either get brutally murdered or are the one doing the brutal murdering.