Angry Birds Evolution Eggs Guide – Eggs Farming Tips, How to Get More Bird Eggs

Angry Birds Evolution Eggs Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about farming eggs with our quick and efficient eggs farming methods. Angry Birds Evolution is a game about collecting eggs, which give you new and powerful birds.

This Angry Birds Evolution Eggs Guide will help you farm eggs and gather more bird eggs so that you can annihilate the pigs with ease. Gaining eggs and then hatching these eggs in the hatchery is a vital part of this game. Therefore, get out there, grab those eggs and start hatching!

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Angry Birds Evolution Eggs Guide

Angry Birds Evolution Eggs Farming Guide

Egg Farming

In Angry Birds Evolution, there are different types of eggs. These eggs have different colors, which represent the area in which you will find them. Higher difficulty areas generate much rarer eggs. You can hatch these eggs in the hatchery. There are different ways by which you can farm eggs and that too quickly. Before starting with anything else, you must play the campaign until you reach level 10 so that all your scout birds have unlocked.

With all of them unlocked, you will have access to quick battles. Now that you have unlocked access to quick battles, you should get to work and start grinding. Quick battles skip combat and directly get you the reward. This saves you time and you get eggs and chests quickly. All you need to do is start the game, send out 2 scouts and destroy all enemies. It generates instant eggs in a minor time. This technique is very easy but you must level up and play the story until you reach level 10.

Higher difficulties will often give you chests and eggs both. Since you are looking for only eggs, play on normal difficulty so you only get eggs. Collect and hatch the eggs until you get the birds that you are looking for. Unfortunately, grinding is the only best and quickest way for you to collect eggs. You should also try to avoid PvP battles as PvP battles will drop any sort of egg for you to collect.

Egg farming is not only essential to get birds but it is also a great source of money in the game. You collect eggs, hatch them and then if you do not want the birds, you can sell them for instant money. Reinvest the money to get new eggs and this cycle continues. As far as the premium eggs are concerned, you should hold on to them and do not hatch until the event start. During events, hatching premium eggs get you great rewards and bonuses.

This concludes our Angry Birds Evolution Eggs Guide. If you have anything else to add to this guide, please use the comments section below!