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Xbox One X $500 Price Tag Justified? Let’s Find Out

The Xbox One X $500 price tag is a lot of money to pay for a gaming console but is Microsoft ripping you off with the Treu 4K mantra? Well, thankfully, that is not the case here. Phil Spencer has said in an E3 interview that the company is actually losing money with each console that is sold. So why is that console not priced higher you ask?

The Xbox One X $500 price tag might mean that Microsoft is losing money in the short run but the company will be able to counter that loss and break even with the purchase of games and the Xbox Live subscription that you need in order to play games online. The new Xbox Game Pass should also help in making up for the loss. So you are paying for what you get.

What are you getting for $500? I would say that there is ample technology under the hood even though the box is pretty small, looks can be deceiving. To make a comparison the price of the PS4 Pro is $399. What you are paying for with the Xbox One X are the add-ons. First of all, you have the Scorpio Engine, the single most expensive part of the console.

The Xbox One X Scorpio Engine Is The Single Most Expensive Part
The price is determined by the size of the chip and see how it is much more powerful than the PS4 Pro the $500 does not seem bad at all. The CPU in the Xbox One X is 15-20% larger than what you get on the PS4 Pro. This is what is needed to deliver 6 Tflops of computing power and integrating all the bandwidth that the console delivers.

The single most expensive part of the console is significantly more costly than the PS4 Pro CPU. You can check out the difference in FPS between the both consoles here.

Extra RAM
While the PS4 Pro has 8 GB of RAM the Xbox One X has 12 GB of GDDR5 memory. While the price of such an upgrade may have decreased over the years but looking at the baseline console price this is a huge bump in the cost of making the console in the first place and hence the higher retail price.

The HDD Is Faster As Well

The hard drive in the One X is also faster as compared to the previous consoles. There is little information regarding how Microsoft has managed to pull this off but it could be that the RPM has been increased. The HDD on the Xbox One S is capable of delivering 40 MB per second but you are getting 60 MB per second on the Xbox One X. This adds more money to the baseline console price.

Cooling System
The PS4 Pro is using a traditional cooling system in order to keep the thermals of the consoles in check but Microsoft has taken things to the next level by cooling the Xbox One X with a vapor chamber cooling system that can be found on high-end Nvidia GPUs like the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1080 Ti. This type of cooling does not come cheap and it has been integrated into such a small box.

Xbox One X $500 Price

As of right now, we do not know how much this cost Microsoft but to give you an idea the vapor chamber cooling has not been used in the Nvidia GTX 1070 because it was deemed too expensive to apply to a $400 GPU.

Keep in mind that this is only the added cost of the parts that are being used in the Xbox One X. The new methods and engineering techniques used in order to deliver the quality finish of the product also costs a lot of money yet alone all the new tech that has been crammed into such a small form factor.

Summing things up you have the PS4 Pro, which was our baseline at $399. You can add the following add-ons that you are getting with the Xbox One X but remember that for these additional parts you are only paying $100:

  • Xbox One X Scorpio Engine with 6 Tflops of computing power
  • 4 GB extra RAM
  • Faster HDD
  • Vapor chamber cooling
  • UHD Blu-ray player

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Is The Additional $100 Worth It? 
If you put all things aside and only talk about technology and the add-ons that come with the Xbox One X, as compared to the PS4 Pro I think that the extra $100 that you are going to spend on this console is worth the money as you are getting a lot of improved hardware for that extra bit of money spent. I would say that the Xbox One X $500 price is justified.

Let us know whether or not the Xbox One X $500 price tag is worth it in your eyes and whether or not you will be buying the console when it comes out.