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Sony May Have Accidently Leaked Days Gone Release Date

Sony’s Days Gone was one of the best things to happen an E3 2016 and the title showed up again this year but once again without a release date. However, just days after E3 it looks like Sony may have leaked Days Gone release date itself. The company posted a video recently (taken down now) that had the release date inside.

According to the video, Days Gone is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on December 29, 2017. This date is usually used as a placeholder by retailers. But it is strange seeing a publisher using the date, they usually don’t. What’s interesting is that Days Gone isn’t expected to hit stores this year.

The video is no longer available but here is a screengrab from the footage.

Days Gone is available to pre-order for PlayStation 4 at Amazon and other retailers and they are using the same December 29, 2017, release date. It is a placeholder so it is possible that the editor of the video took the date from Amazon and pasted it as is in the video.

Days Gone is under development at Sony Bend and the studio is working hard to bring the game out as soon as possible. Sony Bend recently expanded from 45 to 100 developers for Days Gone. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Bend Studio is also moving its office to currently under development Crane Shed Commons, the 50,000-square-foot, in the heart of Industrial Way. Crane Shed Commons is the first Class A office space to be built in Bend in about 10 years.