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Mobile Legends Max Rewards Guide – Maximize Rewards, Rewards Hall

Mobile Legends Max Rewards Guide to help you gain maximum rewards in the mobile MOBA game Mobile Legends – Bang Bang. There are many ways to get free rewards in this game and we will look at some of them below. Mobile Legends is a 5V5 MOBA game developed by Moontoon.

While playing the game, you must try to maximize the amount of rewards that you are getting in the game. Some of the ways by which you can accomplish that are explained in this guide. To get the rewards you can access different screens that will show you how to achieve some tasks and get instant rewards.

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Mobile Legends Max Rewards Guide

In our Mobile Legends Max Rewards Guide, we have detailed some of the methods that you can use in order to maximize your rewards gain in the game.

Mobile Legends Max Rewards

Events Hall

The first screen that can get you rewards is the events hall, which houses different events inside. Here the developer puts all types if events and promotions that you can complete to earn rewards. These events could be related to special holidays such as Christmas, Easter or super bowl or it could also be related to occasional events. You must check this page often to see which promotions the developers has put up.

Here you can also find limited time tasks, which are only for a little time. In case you do not check these, you will surely miss them. These tasks must be completed within the given timer to earn rewards as they are replaced with another task as soon as the timer ends so you will miss the opportunity of earning that reward.

Another option here is the daily login bonus. This is fairly simple and self-explanatory. Login daily to claim your reward. This will hardly take less than a minute so you must try not to miss this simple reward opportunity. Similar to daily-login bonuses, there are also weekly login bonuses. Login every week to claim these easy rewards.

Rewards Hall

Rewards hall is another screen where you can earn chests after a certain time or playing matches. One of these chests is a free chest, which a player gets after every 4 hours so make sure you login after every 4 hours to claim it. However, if you miss one, don’t sweat it, the game store up to 2 chests so you can always login later to claim these 2 stores chests and reset the timer for the next chest.

The other type of chest is a medal chest and can be accessed when you earn medals. These medals are earned when you earn 10 points playing a match and how many points you get after every match is divided on the basis of how well you performed in the match. MVP will give you 10 points, Gold 7, Silver 7 and Bronze 3 so make sure you show your best performance in the match to earn as much points as possible and earn more medals to unlock the medal chests.

The medal chests contain many unique rewards such as premium skin fragments which are used to buy skins, like which is used to show appreciation to your favorite streamer, battle points which are used to buy heroes, emblems which can be used to improve/upgrade your emblems depending on your needs and magic dust which is an alternate to emblems. These medal chests are restocked after every 12 hours and the game will hold 2 chests for you so make sure you check back often to claim these chests and reset the timer to earn the next chest.


If you click on the little icon of messages and notifications, you can see messages sent by your friends and the developers of the game. In these messages, the developers often include cool rewards so you must always check this section to find cool new rewards.


The shop not only offers you stuff to buy but it also has the lucky spin which gives you chance of trying your luck to win a permanent skin. You will get 1 spin after every 48 hours to try your luck but if you do not want to wait then you can buy the lucky spins for diamonds.

This concludes our Mobile Legends Max Rewards Guide. If you want to want to add anything in this guide, please let us know in the comments!