Mobile Legends Jungle Guide – Jungling Tips, Best Junglers, Monster Respawns, Buffs, How to Farm Jungle

This Mobile Legends Jungle will show you tips and strategies for Jungling, Best Junglers, Monster Respawns, Buffs, How to Farm Jungle. Mobile Legends – Bang Bang is a game by Moontoon for the Android and iOS platforms.

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Mobile Legends Jungle Guide

In our Mobile Legends Jungle Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about best junglers, monster respawns, buffs, and how to jungle in general.

Mobile Legends Jungle

Jungling Tips

Jungling is when you leave the lane, stay in the jungle to level up, and help your fellow teammates by doing surprise attacks in their teams. Basic thing that your team will be relying on you will be ganking. You should always gunk when your abilities have been unlocked and updated. Always support your weakest lane, as this is your main job as a ganker. Your best bet to get a kill while ganking will be when your enemy’s escape skills are down.

As a ganker, never reveal your location. Going near to the lane will reveal your location to the enemy so you should always stay in the shadows and work from there. Try to anticipate enemy’s movements and plan your attack accordingly. Keep an eye on the enemy’s jungler and keep your team updated about his activities. Even when there are enemy heroes near your tower, the only thing preventing them from taking your tower is the thought that there is a ganker around and may jump on them at any time so be stealthy.

Another task as a jungler for you is to slay the monsters and get buffs for your team. Slay Lord and Turtle to get epic buffs for your whole team. Practice the last hit on monsters as the enemy’s jungler might be on the same page with you. You must have a thorough knowledge of the complete map so that you do not have to spend time exploring and finding monster spawning places, as random movement will increase the chance of encountering enemy’s jungler. Use ping to alert teammates about enemy’s jungler’s movements.

As a jungler, you must never leave any tower without a hero. If your teammate has died fighting enemies and the tower is left with no hero, you must go there in his place and defend the tower until he comes back in action. If you find that a player is weak and is unable to defend the tower or maybe his health is low, you should also assist in such situations. You should be a good teamplayer as a jungler.

One last thing you must always keep in mind is that as a jungler you will level up and farm in the jungle, so always give hero and minion kills to your teammates who are playing in the lane as it is there only source of levelling up. You can CC\disable the enemies so that it is confirm kill for your teammate.

Best Junglers

This guide will show you the best Junglers so that you can Jungle properly. Some heroes are specifically built for Jungling. Here are few of them:

Natalia is a highly used character. Many people love to use her. Her first ability is called Claw Dash, which can be used twice before it needs to be recharged. It allows her to dash forward and attack her enemies right in front of her. Then she can use smoke grenades, which slows enemies down. Her third ability is she does a couple of attacks in front of her and she slows down the movement of her enemies. Her ultimate is assassin instinct which allows her to go invisible and wait for her prey in stealth mode. These abilities make her a very good Jungler as she can move very fast and slow down her enemies. Her Jungling rating is 84 which is pretty high.

Fanny is highly mobile and evasive and hardly anyone can evade her attacks. She has a Jungling ability of 86. She can quickly get to any escape route and kill her enemies. Her first ability is Tornado Strike in which she swings her blades and moves forward doing a certain amount of damage. Moving on we have her steel cable, which she throws out and draws her to near obstacles, which it hits.

This allows her to be highly mobile. Her next ability is Cut Through which she initiates on an enemy and uses a prey marker to increase the damage dealt. Her ultimate is Air Superiority. All her moves work together allowing her move around and dealing a great deal of damage.

Alucard’s ability to jungle is 86 so he is tied with Fanny. His first ability is the Ground Splitter. He leaps forward and strikes, his strike does a certain amount of physical damage. His next ability is whirl smash, he slashes at the enemies in a certain area and does damage to enemies.

He also has Fishing wave which increased the hero’s life stealing effect. This ability will recover his health very fast. His next ability teleports the hero to the enemies. If there is one enemy then his attack is multiplied with 1.2 and if there are two enemies then his attack will be multiplied with 1.1. These abilities make Alucard a good Jungler.

Freya specializes in slowing down and stunning enemies. She can jump on enemies to stun them. Her ability to Jungle is 90. Her first ability is that she jumps into a target area and deals damage to everyone present in that target area. While landing she also pulls the enemies closer to herself. Her next skill is God Speed Strike that enhances the speed of her attacks. Next, she has Valkyrie and when she enters Valkyrie mode she does damage to the surrounding enemies and it also increases the attack power of the hero. Her ultimate is the spirit contact in which she generates a sacred shield stacking up attacks, when the attacks are stacked up she can activate the sacred shield accelerator which causes hit damage to every enemy.

Sun is the best Jungler in the game with the highest jungling rating. His first skill is Golden arm in which he smashed the ground in front of him causing a significant decrease in the enemies movement speed. Next is his instantaneous move dealing certain amount of physical damage to enemies around him.

He deploys his clones on the map which help him defeat his enemies and there are so many clones of him on the map that your enemies will have a hard time finding who the real one is. His ultimate is when he summons clones after every five attacks and then after every five attacks the attack damage will be upgraded. The spawned clones also heal Sun’s life with every attack they do.

Monster Respawns and Buffs

There are different types of monsters in Mobile Legends. Each of these monsters give different amount of gold and experience. It is vital for you to know everything about these monsters so that you can be a successful Jungler.

Lord is the most powerful of all monsters and your team must tackle it in late game. Lord must be slain when your team is powerful enough otherwise Lord will kill every team member due to its sheer strength. When your team finally manages to slay Lord, it will give additional experience points and gold. It will also start to fight on your side. However, it is weak against minions and heroes so you must push it towards towers.

Never slay Lord early game, as the towers will kill him quickly. Make sure at least 2 towers are gone before Lord fights for you. Lord automatically walks the weakest lane with the least amount of towers. Every time the Lord spawns, it is more powerful than before so it is wise to protect it once your team has slain it. Otherwise, wait for the enemy team to tackle it and then move in for the final kill. Once your enemy has killed Lord, there is a 3-minute cooldown before it spawns again.

Turtle gives a decent amount of gold and experience and it is recommended to take him down early game, as everyone is dependent on items at the start. You and your team can use the gold and experience at the start. Never take on Turtle alone. It is not that easy, you should always work as a team or if you see a teammate fighting a Turtle, you should always help them out. Turtle has a respawn time of 3 minutes as well and you should never miss a chance to slay Turtle.

Reaper – Red Buff
Reaper has a spawn time of 2 minutes and it is easy to kill unlike Turtle. You must kill Reaper as soon as you see one. By killing a reaper, you not only get gold and experience but you also get a buff that boosts your physical and magical damage by 10% so you should never miss this easy opportunity to score some gold, experience and buffs.

Spinner – Blue Buff
This monster is also relatively easy to kill and it will give you buffs for slaying it. These buffs will give you 20% cooldown reduction; reduce 50% mana consumption of your skills and 20% energy consumption bonus. These are good buffs for heroes that have to use spam abilities such as Rafeala, Estes and Fanny. Spinner also respawns in 2 minutes.

Other Monsters

There are numerous other small monsters scattered throughout the jungle. These do not give out any buffs and are good for gold and experience only. These monsters spawn after 1 minute. You can clear these camps often to obtain more gold and experience. If you are killing these monsters when the enemy push is farther away from your own tower, you will get bonus experience and gold.

How to Farm

As soon as the game starts, do not go for the kills. Always kill he minions. Attack enemies only to push them back. Kill the minions, then go to the jungle, and attack a monster to kill it. By the time, you are done with the monster; new minions will be on their way. Kill those minions and go back to jungle to kill another monster. This is a continuous process and you should continue doing it until you reach level 10 at least so that get a boost at the start.

Attacking minions and monsters at the start will go you experience and gold right at the start. Jungling is not a big role at this moment so all monsters can be killed by everyone so you should always avail this opportunity. The more you farm, the more gold you get, the more gold you get, the more items you can buy. Do not go for the kills early in the game. Always go for farming.

This is all we have in our Mobile Legends Jungle Guide. If you have anything else to add to the guide, let us know in the comments section below!