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Console Gaming is Going Strong, Revenues Are Up for Microsoft and Sony: Shawn Layden

Console gaming is going strong and revenues for Sony and Microsoft are up, according to Shawn Layden. He spoke during a recent interview about the pundits who keep predicting the end of console gaming, and the rise of mobile platforms. However, each year console gaming is getting stronger.

Layden mentioned that revenues for Sony and Microsoft are up which is evidence that the console industry is doing well. Layden also stated that what Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are doing in the gaming space brings vibrancy to the marketplace.

Console gaming is alive and well and stronger than ever. And what we bring into that space, and what Microsoft brings in there, and latterly Nintendo coming through with Switch, I think it’s just great. I love a marketplace that is vibrant and exciting and people are shouting. And people have their home team and their away team and they have their own feeling about all of that. But what’s good for video gaming overall is good for everybody that’s in there.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined have sold over 100 million units across the globe since their release back in 2013. Both consoles are doing extremely well in the market. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch is set to dent mobile’s market share and take a decent piece for itself by 2020.

According to a new prediction by analysts at DFC Intelligence, Nintendo Switch sales will have reached 40 million units by 2020, which is likely going to be welcome news for Nintendo. 40 million units will be three times what the Wii U sold in the first four years of its life on the shelves.

How do you see Layden’s comments? Do you think console gaming should be threatened by mobile?

Source: Telegraph