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Angry Birds Evolution Gold Coins Farming Tips, Best Farming Methods

Angry Birds Evolution Gold Coins Farming Guide with our efficient farming tips to help you maximize your Gold Coins output in the least amount of time.

Angry Birds Evolution is a 3D turn-based RPG by the famous developer Rovio Games. This game follows the same concept of the original games of knocking down pigs by using your birds. However, unlike 2D space in the original games, this game is completely 3D. The game includes more than 100 birds to collect and use them in your team to defeat the pigs. Every bird has a set of super skills and can evolve into their ultimate form.

One of the many currencies used in the games is gold and it is not an easy feat. It is a very tedious work and requires a lot of farming and patience to collect gold. This guide will help you get familiar with some methods that will help you earn gold coins faster to upgrade your birds quickly and completely own the pigs. Keep this mind that there is no short cut of getting a large amount of gold quickly as of yet.

Angry Birds Evolution Gold Coins Farming Guide

In our Angry Birds Evolution Gold Coins Farming Guide, we have detailed some of the best methods to farm some easy Gold Coins in the game:

Angry Birds Evolution Gold Coins Farming

Trading Birds

Every bird in your inventory is worth some gold. This amount depends on how much stars the bird has. One star bird is worth 10 Gold, similarly 2 and 3 star birds are worth 20 and 30 stars respectively. You can always sell your extra birds for some quick gold. However, it is advised not to sell your 4 or 5 star birds as they are extremely rare and they can be very helpful in later stages of the game.

Dungeon Crawling

One of the most highly rewarding but most difficult ways to earn gold in Angry Birds Evolution is Dungeons. However, dungeons are not recommended to be started until you reach level 15-20. To play normal difficulty dungeons a team of total power rating of 2500 is needed and 5 birds of the same color will also be required. Another essential item needed for dungeons are the dungeon keys, you will need at least 10 dungeon keys or a minimum or 15 if you want to skip battles with quick battle. These requirements are very difficult to meet right off the hook so it is important that you tackle dungeons after reaching at least level 15.

Change the Difficulty

Just like any other game, increasing the difficulty to higher level yields greater rewards. So to earn gold coins fast, increase your difficulty level before the start of every battle. Hard difficulty will unlock when you reach level 8 and insane difficulty will unlock at level 12 so you can always amp up the challenge to score big.

Timed Adventures

Time adventures are an excellent use for those never-to-be-used extra birds in your inventory. Instead of just making them sit there, why not send them on long missions that will eventually generate some gold coins. The income from these adventures is not very high and these missions take quite a long time to complete so it is best to use those birds, which you are not using regularly in battles and are soon to be sold.

Golden Pigs

The easiest way to earn gold after selling the birds is to kill the golden pigs. Goldens pigs are unlocked at level 11 while their chance of occurring is increased at level 18. They are a good source of some instant gold coins with minimal effort.

This is all we have in our Angry Birds Evolution Gold Coins Farming Guide. If you have anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!