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AMD Navi 40% Faster Than AMD Vega? 7nm Node To Enable Better Performance In 2018

AMD Navi is the next generation GPU architecture that will be coming out after AMD Vega. Globalfoundries claims that 7nm nodes will be produced in 2018 and will be supplied in the second half of 2018. AMD roadmaps have revealed that AMD Navi will be based on the 7nm process.

AMD Navi will have better performance as compared to AMD Vega that is made on the 14nm process. It is expected that the 7nm architecture will provide 40% better performance as compared to AMD Vega. Globalfoundries is taking design orders from companies.

We expect AMD Navi in the second half of 2018 and depending on how well Vega performs once it comes out, AMD Navi might have a very important role to play for the underdog. According to Senior VP of Globalfoundries, Gregg Bartlett:

“Our 7nm FinFET technology development is on track and we are seeing strong customer traction, with multiple product tapeouts planned in the next twelve months. And, while driving to commercialize 7-nm in 2018, we are actively developing next-generation technologies at 5-nm and beyond to ensure our customers have access to a world-class roadmap at the leading edge”.

We have yet to see what Vega has to offer and we are waiting for SIGGRAPH so that we can see what these GPUs look like and what kind of performance they have to offer as compared to high-end GPUs from Nvidia.

AMD has been very disruptive in the CPU market with Ryzen products and we expect the same from the underdog when it comes to the GPU market as well. This will increase competition and that is always great for the consumer. All we can do now and wait and see what Vega has to offer.

let us know what you think about AMD Navi and AMD Vega and whether or not you are interested in building an all AMD PC this year,