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Local Co-Op For Super Mario Odyssey Confirmed, Will Let Players Play As Mario’s hat

Super Mario Odyssey is the next big first-party title for Nintendo Switch and the game itself sounds amazing. During this E3 2017, Nintendo showcased gameplay and also confirmed that the game will feature online multiplayer, however, Nintendo has one last surprise in store for the fans.

Nintendo has confirmed that Super Mario Odyssey will feature local co-op in which one player will take control of Mario himself and the second player will control Cappy, Mario’s magical sentient hat. Nintendo also showcased some gameplay for local co-op in the game during its Treehouse Live presentation.

In the local co-op mode, players will see that Mario’s hat will float around Mario’s head. Mario will control its running, jumping, and camera but, will not be able to control Cappy in co-op mode. However, according to Nintendo, Mario will be able to control Cappy in some capacity but did not reveal how.

Players controlling Cappy will fly around and will be able to perform attacks and control the camera. Nintendo also showcased how useful Cappy can be as it can perform tasks that Mario can’t like grabbing scattered music notes that quickly disappear to solve a puzzle.

Super Mario Odyssey is an upcoming platformer in development at Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Polygon