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Spider-Man PS4 Will Not Be An Origin Story

Insomniac Games gave us the first look at the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game and gamers are very excited about it. However, given that it will be first Spider-Man game from Insomniac Games many are wondering that Spider-Man PS4 will be an origin story but, that is not the case.

According to PlayStation Access, the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 will not be an origin story. According to the youtube channel, Pete Parker will be 23 years old in the game and has been fighting crime in the game for 8 years. Meaning players will be taking control of Peter Parker who knows what he is doing.

Aside from Spider-Man PS4 and Avengers games there will be more games based on Marvel comics. According to Jay Ong, Spiderman is just the beginning for the Marvel to bring its comic book characters to consoles.

Spider-Man PS4 is an open-world action adventure game in development at Insomniac Games exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: PushSquare