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Prank Amazon UK Listing Advertises Pokemon Stars Coming In 2030

It’s been common knowledge for nearly two weeks now that Pokemon Stars is not a thing that will be happening, and we’ll instead be getting Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. However, a prank Amazon UK listing has decided to play a practical joke and is offering preorders…for the year 2030.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were the most recent main Pokemon games, which sold some of the best out of any other Pokemon game due to it being the franchise’s 20th anniversary and riding off the high of Pokemon Go. The game also got critical acclaim, and was popular enough that we’re getting the upgraded versions.

Over the course of their E3 showcase, Nintendo also announced that they were developing a new Pokemon game that would be coming on the Nintendo Switch, likely sometime next year. However, Nintendo has not confirmed anything related to a Pokemon Stars.

The “game” was thought of as an alternative or sequel to both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon in the same vein that Pokemon Platinum was to Diamond and Pearl versions, two generations of Pokemon ago. Platinum included a good amount of content from both games, however it’s been the last to do so. Both of the last generations, Pokemon Black and White, and Pokemon X and Y, have not had similar setups (Black and White got sequels, while X and Y got nothing).

While it would be interesting to see what Pokemon Stars would actually be like and what would be included in it, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are both also going to be including other Pokemon we haven’t seen yet, so they’re as good as a “Stars” would have been. Plus they’re coming up a lot sooner than 2030.

So, while the Amazon listing is good for a laugh, there won’t be an in-between version of Pokemon Sun and Moon anytime soon.