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New Seagate HDD Is Compatible With The Xbox One X

A new Seagate HDD has been released by the company that will be compatible with the Xbox One X, when the console comes out. The Xbox One X was finally announced at Microsoft’s E3 conference, and will be a direct competitor to Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro, which came out last year.

One of the biggest problems a gamer can encounter is a lack of memory on their console, especially if you have a lot of games you want to play but are forced to uninstall and re-install a number of them in order to play them or make room as the situation allows.

Even with new consoles having their hard drives increased to either 500 gigabytes or even a full terabyte, there are so many games that take up a ton of memory that you may need something like the new Seagate HDD in order to increase memory space for your console.

Seagate has previously launched a number of other HDD attachments that work with the Xbox One, with ones that were both one terabyte and two terabytes, and a new one already being compatible with the Xbox One X is definitely something that can be a valuable asset to a lot of gamers that would want to get the most out of the console if they buy it.

The new Seagate HDD is actually even better than the previous Seagate HDD devices, as instead of just one or two terabytes it holds a full eight Terabytes, likely enough to hold a ton of your games on it all at once.

Currently the HDD is not available to buy, but it will likely be coming to retailers like Amazon later this month for the fairly cheap price of 200 dollars (or your regional equivalent). So, be on the lookout for it, if you plan to get an Xbox One X and think you’ll need a lot of memory.