Modern Strike Online Best Weapons Guide – Weapon Tips, Upgrades and Repairs

Modern Strike Online Best Weapons Guide to help you find the best weapons that you can use in the game along with tips, upgrades, and repairs. Modern Strike is a fast-paced action shooter game developed by Game Development Ltd. and is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It can clearly be called a modern and revamped version of Counter Strike. The game has very decent graphics and a great gameplay with only one purpose, annihilate your enemies.

This game has a higher difficulty curve so it is necessary to use some sort of a guide to get you going right from the start. This guide will help you spend your hard-earned money on the right weapons, upgrades, along with giving you tips and tricks on how to survive intense combat situations.

Modern Strike Online Best Weapons Guide

In our Modern Strike Online Best Weapons Guide, we have detailed all you need to know about finding the best weapons to use in the game.

Modern Strike Online Best Weapons

Starting with the best weapons that can be purchased in the game. Now it must be noted that these weapons may not be the most powerful but they are the best considering everything, which is price, upgrades, durability and combat effectiveness.

Following the weapon structure of most typical first-person shooter games, Modern Strike allows you to carry two weapons at the same time. First weapon is your main weapon which are assault rifles. Second weapon is the secondary weapon, which are handguns. This guide will show you best weapons for the three stages beginner, intermediate and pro of the main game.

Primary Weapons – Assault Rifles

This will be your main weapons for the majority of the game and it will give you many options. For choosing this weapon, one thing must be kept in mind, avoid the fancy scopes and big muzzles and go for the one that will be the best all-rounder.

Uzi – Beginner
Right off the hook, your level be low and you will have limited amount to spend on weapons. Your best option is to buy the Uzi. For beginners, this is the best option and players can even unlock it for free. I t will not down the enemy that easily but what it lacks in punch, it makes up in durability. It allows saving up cash by not requiring extensive repairs so the player can later opt a much better weapon or buy upgrades for the Uzi. This should be fine till the player reaches level 10.

AA13 – Intermediate
Now you have some experience of how the game works and you will need to upgrade your weapon, your best bet at this level is the AA13. It offers a large number of upgrades, which makes a great all-round weapon of choice. Even with the upgrades purchased, it still costs fraction of other same level weapons and once fully upgraded, it goes at par with the best weapons of the game. Low repairs ensure you are saving up that cash for upgrades and a future purchase. Best thing about this weapon is that you can purchase it with in-game credits.

KGS Premium – Expert
Finally, when you have reached level 20, your weapon of choice is the KGS Premium. With a high rate of fire, high overall rating and a high 200 damage rating, this baby will tear down enemies in no time. Although it lacks in range but the sheer power and your proficiency at this level with grenades will make sure that this slight drawback will not hinder your frenzy in any way possible. This weapon is also common in chests and you will probably get it via one as well. That saves up the money you otherwise would have spent on purchasing the weapon and now can be used to buy upgrades for your KGS Premium.

Secondary Weapons – Handguns

The importance of secondary weapons cannot be denied in any first person shooting game as this weapon will save your skin in many tight-spots and this game is no different. It is very important that you keep a good and durable secondary firearm as well along with your primary weapon. Their importance cannot be denied in close-range combats.

UPS – Beginner
For your first handgun, the best choice is the UPS. With its ability to be dual-wielded, it doubles up the firepower and becomes a decent first secondary weapon. It has low damage rate but high durability makes sure you are spending less on repairs.

Beretta – Intermediate/Expert
At level 10, the best handgun to use is the Beretta. It is cheap and almost indestructible so there is no need to repair it repeatedly. It has decent damage of 10, comes equipped with a laser pointer and a decent range of 30. This weapon does not need to be upgraded to a new one when you reach level 20 because it is a decent weapon for use at even higher levels with upgrades equipped.

Strategies and Tips on Using Weapons

Conquering the levels in Modern Strike is not only limited to getting the best weapons but it also requires some sort of strategy to clear every level. The levels that the player progress through require decent weapons and occupying territories as well for which the player should be ready. Here are some tips about using, upgrading and repairing the weapons, which will give you an edge in the battlefield.

Use the Best Available Weapons
Although the primary and secondary weapons will be used most to the time in battles but they are not the strongest weapon of the game. The best and the most strongest weapon of the game are the grenades, which have a very large blast radius and require little precision for you to have. They are highly effective in clustered areas and are very important in clearing many levels in this game. Therefore, the player must always stock up on grenades before heading to battles.

Use Armor to Increase your Survivability
The armor plays a vital role in this game. Never underestimate the importance of armor, as it will allow you to survive longer in intense combat situations. It boosts your defense. It is true that armor is not cheap in this game but if you want to play the game for a long time then your best bet is to invest in decent armor as it will make sure that you survive in the battlefield longer and staying longer on the battlefield means leveling up faster.

Explore and Learn Each Map
The game comes with 7 maps and 3 game modes. It is vital that the player plays all of them and learn the hiding spots and combat zones of the map. This greatly helps to plan and equip the gear accordingly. Taking cover is equally important and always crouch, as it not only improves your accuracy but also reduces the chance of getting hit. Single player mode allows you to take on the enemies alone. In multiplayer, you can team up with friends and eliminate enemies together. Custom mode allows you to turn the game in your playground and play it however you like.

Always Opt for New Weapons and Upgrades
There are two ways of obtaining new weapons in this game. First, you can get free weapons from the crates but they are not always the best. Best weapons are bought by using game in-game premium currency so it is always best to save up for good weapons and buy them.

Same thing goes for the upgrades. Upgrades are very important of the Modern Strike, as it will give you an advantage in different situations. There are a number of upgrades available for the weapons, which include scopes, barrels and different colors. Upgrades can be obtained free of cost from crates but the best ones can be bought from the in-game premium currency.

Always Repair the Weapons
As you use the weapons, they will wear and eventually will need repairing. You should always prioritize to repair your weapons first and buy new weapons later as it can save in many difficult times. Each weapon degrades at different rates and it can be improved by purchasing upgrades. You should save silver coins to repair the weapons.

This is all we have in our Modern Strike Online Best Weapons Guide. If you have anything else to add, let us know in the comments section below!