How Did Lara’s Boobs Get So Big? 15 Video Games Character Designs With Interesting Backstories

Ever since the dawn of video games, we have seen some interesting video games character designs, and some of the character designs have very interesting backstories. For example, did you know how Lara Croft’s boobs get so big? Well, here’s what happened.

During the development of the game, the artist working on her character design made a mistake. Originally, the size of her chest wasn’t going to be as big but the artist accidentally increased the size by 150%, instead of the intended 50%.

What’s interesting is that no one went back to fix the mistake and the final character design was added to the game with 150% increased boobs size. The development team liked the size of her assets, hence, this sexually charged design was finalized.

Another great example of interesting backstories is the inception of Pacman. The iconic arcade character is one of the most popular around the world and appeared in a number of games. However, its creation is probably the most interesting story we have. Did you ever notice Packman looks like a Pizza?

The creator of Pacman was eating his pizza and when he took a slice, the rest of the pizza took an interesting shape. The shape looked like a character and since he wanted this character to focus on eating, it made sense to have such a design. Hence, Pacman took the shape it has today and we hope to see him in more future titles.

There are more interesting stories for you in the video above so check it out. What is your favorite character design? Let us know in the comments below.