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Destiny 2 Mega Core Optimization For PC Is A Work In Progress, Does Not Use Of All The Cores As Of Right Now

Intel talked about Destiny 2 mega core optimization, a way in which the game will be able to take advantage of all the cores that you have in your PC. If you have not guessed already, it was a way of marketing their X series CPUs by persuading gamers and streamers that buying a CPU with more than 4 cores is worth it.

The extreme edition CPU that Intel will be releasing soon costs about $2000. That is a lot of money for a CPU. Intel even brought out pro Destiny streamer, TeftyTeft to talk about Destiny 2 mega core optimization. Bringing along a pro streamer is one way of selling your product but I do not think it will justify spending all that money.

It seems that Destiny 2 mega core optimization is still something in the works and not ready yet. As of right now, Destiny 2 does not take advantage of all the cores that you have to throw at the game. The following is what TeftyTeft had to say at the event:

Bungie has told me something specific that is exciting for the high CPU core count chips, they’re optimizing the engine so it will take advantage of all the cores in your CPU. If you have an i9 Extreme it will be able to take advantage of all those cores.

You should note that the keyword is “engine” and we do not know what Bungie meant by this. Is the game engine going to take advantage of all the cores you have? An Intel representative later talked about this and stated the following:

It was more about the engine itself, but not right now. It’s about getting the foundations there eventually when that is… we’re not quite there yet.

The bottom line? Destiny 2 mega core optimization is still a work in progress. It is odd why Intel said something like this in the first place but I am sure that Bungie will make things clear regarding the optimization of the “engine.” Nvidia has introduced bundles for Destiny 2 and you can check out the details here.

Let us know what you think about Destiny 2 mega core optimization and whether or not this is something that will benefit you in the future.