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Beyond Good And Evil 2 Development Still At “Day Zero”, Despite Potential

One of the most talked-about things at E3 is Ubisoft finally revealing that Beyond Good and Evil 2 was coming in a beautiful trailer. However, despite everything the trailer showed, Beyond Good and Evil 2 development is still, apparently, in “Day Zero” of development. But hey, at least it’s finally being made.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 will actually be a prequel to the classic Ubisoft game, taking place in the same universe but apparently before the original Beyond Good and Evil takes place. Players will be traveling the galaxy, searching various planets through both incidental and fixed story events while also upgrading their ship and increasing the size of their crew.

Even if Beyond Good and Evil 2 development hasn’t really started yet, the trailer that it came with (showing two crew members of the player’s ship stealing some sort of disc from a crime boss) definitely impressed people.

The fact that Beyond Good and Evil 2 had to be shown to Ubisoft before it was finally given the green light to start being made is definitely a good start to the game. And, considering the demand for Beyond Good and Evil 2 (despite the game being a commercial failure, instead being a cult classic) hopefully Ubisoft will give us regular updates, whether at each E3 or outside it.

There’s no telling where the Beyond Good and Evil 2 development will go next with the game barely even starting development before its trailer came out, but with luck, we’ll learn more about the universe of Beyond Good and Evil 2, and how this new game will change things.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 hasn’t gotten any release information yet, so we don’t know what platforms it will come out on or when it will release. However, for a lot of gamers, the simple fact that the game is being made is good enough for now.