Xbox One X Still Supports Xbox Virtual Reality, According to Phil Spencer

One of the multiple advantages that the Playstation 4 has over the Xbox One is its own specialized VR system. However, Xbox virtual reality is indeed a thing, and will be supported on the Xbox One X when the console releases later this year, according to Xbox president Phil Spencer.

Xbox doesn’t have an official virtual reality system, and we don’t really know the specifics about it either. Whether it means that the Xbox One will be compatible with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, or Microsoft is working on their own virtual reality headset, however, remains to be seen.

Various other sources prior to the Xbox One X’s announcement at Saturday’s Microsoft conference had been ambivalent on the question of if the console wouldn’t support virtual reality, including a Wall Street Journal article and even Mike Ybarra, who had said that he couldn’t confirm or deny whether or not Xbox virtual reality would be a thing on the Xbox One X.

If there is virtual reality support on the Xbox One X, it could be a sign that Xbox is supporting more mixed media or virtual reality games in general, when those have mostly been the purview of either the Playstation VR or one of the two PC virtual reality headsets.

If Xbox virtual reality is actually a possibility, we’ll likely hear more about it in the years to come for this generation, likely as virtual reality starts getting more and more prevalent among the gaming community.

Either way, we’ll be waiting until Xbox actually releases a statement about virtual reality in the future before Xbox players will be able to grab something like what other platforms have, and what games it will be on also depend on other factors. For now, Xbox players will have to be content with more conventional games.