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PS4 Exclusive Destiny 2 Crucible Map ‘Retribution’ Shown in Newly Released Screenshots

During Sony’s Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, we learned about PS4 exclusive Destiny 2 content – one of which is the Crucible map called the Retribution. We have gotten our hands on a handful of screenshots detailing the PS4 exclusive map.

In addition to the map itself, you should also be able to see Guardians cladded in their impenetrable armor and devastating weapons, battling it out against each other. We have attached all the screenshots attached in the gallery below for your viewing pleasure:

In addition to the Retribution map, Playstation 4 version of Destiny 2 also comes with exclusive weapons, armor sets, an aircraft, and a Strike called Lake of Shadows. You can head over to the post attached above to see the images!

In an interview after the E3 2017, the director for Destiny 2 Luke Smith also confirmed that the game will not feature ‘Private Matches’ at launch. While he did not confirm anything, this kinds of hints that we may see them in a future update later down the road. However, he did say that players who enjoy Ranked Play and like to see how they fare against the best players in the world will definitely get something special. To read up more, head over to the post!

Destiny 2 is planned to release on Sept. 08, 2017 for Xbox One, Xbox One X, Playstation 4, and PS4 Pro. The PC version deploys a month later in October after a brief delay in order to meet the expectations of the PC gamers.