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20 Minutes of Life Is Strange Prequel Gameplay Familiarizes You With the Plot

One of the many things to come out of the E3 conferences this past weekend was the reveal of the Life is Strange prequel miniseries, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. And 20 minutes of Life is Strange prequel gameplay have been released online, if you’re a fan and want to spoil yourself.

Life is Strange told the story of Max Caulfield, a photography student at the prestigious Blackwell Academy as she rekindled her relationship with her best friend Chloe, discovered she had the ability to control time, and tried to stop a serial killer from striking again.

Before The Storm won’t focus on that, however, instead taking place before Max returns to the town of Arcadia Bay. It will focus on Chloe and her close friend Rachel, who is never seen in the main story but is one of the serial killer’s victims, as we bridge the gap of what happened before Max returned to the town.

From what we can tell, the Life is Strange prequel gameplay promises more of the same stuff that was in the original game; good character writing and plot but with rather awkward dialogue (one of the most often mocked aspects of the first game was that the dialogue seemed to be trying to hard to remind us these were teenagers).

In the gameplay, Chloe and Rachel get up to various hijinks, ranging from petty theft to attending a concert in a warehouse to buying weed, but there are also a number of other dramatic moments, such as an argument between Chloe and Rachel.

Whether this will add any depth to Chloe’s character in the original game and show us how she became the “bad girl” that she is in that plot or will take anything away from the original game remains to be seen, but you can look at the Life is Strange prequel gameplay further up the article.