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Jim Ryan Jabs Back At Xbox One X, They Don’t Want Consoles for Elite Gamers Only

Jim Ryan, Sony’s head of global sales and marketing, has fired back at Xbox after Phil Spencer said that the Xbox One X, recently announced over the weekend, was the most powerful console ever and would have games that were worthy of it. Sony released the Playstation 4 Pro late last year.

While both of the consoles are fairly expensive, more so than their normal counterparts the Xbox One and Playstation 4, the Xbox One X is around a hundred dollars more expensive than the $400 Playstation 4 Pro. Jim Ryan has also been poking fun at the console, saying that unlike Microsoft, Sony doesn’t feel the need to act like their consoles are for the elite gamers.

As evidence for this, Ryan brought up the Playstation 3 and its lackluster performance against the Xbox 360, which came as a surprise due to the Playstation 3 supposedly having better specifications than a lot of the competition, by a fairly wide margin. However, the Playstation 3 lagged behind the Xbox 360 in terms of sales for the entire generation.

Considering that 4K TVs are a fairly expensive investment, along with the new consoles, many gamers will either just settle for one 4K console or ignore them entirely, especially if they already have a perfectly serviceable Xbox One or Playstation 4 available and don’t want to shell out a hundred more dollars for a console with better visuals.

While both companies have said that their consoles allow for better resolution and higher quality graphics, there’s no real indication that exclusives are going to be a major draw to either console like last generation.

Jim Ryan says, like what Xbox has also been saying, that it’s up to the developers whether they want to use the extra power given to them by the Playstation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X, so whether the game looks amazing or indistinguishable from how it would look on a regular console is entirely up to them.