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FIFA 18 Story Mode Will Feature Co-Op, Guest Stars Cristiano Ronaldo

The FIFA 18 story mode, the continuation of FIFA 17’s “The Journey” story mode, will be markedly different from the first version in a number of ways. It will also be co-op, meaning you’ll likely play as Alex Hunter and a teammate during games, and will also feature Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The FIFA 18 story mode will be a continuation of the segment of story that came from FIFA 17. Alex Hunter, now a rising star in football, starts dealing with the weight of fame as he goes everywhere from Brazil to the United States, while everyone waits to see what he does next.

Considering the story’s background, with Alex Hunter going into the Premiere League to play soccer professionally, it was sort of inevitable that in addition to a number of famous coaches, that you would also encounter a number of famous players.

Cristiano Ronaldois a Portugese football player who currently plays for both Real Madrid and the Portugese national team. He’s widely seen as one of the greatest FIFA players ever, and is one of the main marketed players for the game.

With that role in mind, it’s not really a surprise that he’d also make an appearance in one of the game’s biggest modes outside of FIFA Ultimate Team and its Career Mode, though whether he will actually lay a big role in the story remains to be seen.

Throughout all of the FIFA 18 story mode’s six chapters, new characters and players will make appearances as you progress your way through the story. You’ll also be able to import your Alex Hunter from FIFA 2017, and will be able to customize your character with tattoos, clothing, shoes, and more.

FIFA 18 will be coming out later this year, so in the meantime you can keep playing FIFA 17 in order to train up for the next iteration of the franchise.