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Detroit Become Human Script Is Huge, Consists of Roughly 2000 Pages

Detroit Become Human is shaping up to be an excellent game, however, Quantic Dream has revealed nothing but a trailer for the game and we are yet to see any gameplay for it. While it will take time before we get to see gameplay but, the studio has been revealing new details about the game.

Detroit Become Human is all about immersive narrative and player’s choice and how they want to progress the story. Given this fact it would make sense if the game’s script is enormous and according to director David Cage, the script for the game is roughly 2000 pages. Which makes sense since there are so many branching paths that open up whenever the player is given a choice.

During the recent DICE Summit 2017 broadcast, David Cage talked about Detroit: Become human revealing that writing games is a painful process. Cage explained that in the past the games were simple and focused on game mechanics to test player’s skill. However, as the time has passed gamers wanted a reason to shoot and kill in video games and that is where the story comes in.

Speaking on the painful process writing the script for the game, previously David Cage revealed that it took him over two years to complete the script for Detroit: Become Human.

I’ve just finished the script for Detroit. It took me more than two years, and that’s working around six days a week. It’s probably 20 times more complex than anything we’ve ever done. It’s a lot for one brain to handle.

He further added that while the script was complicated, but other developers helped him very much find and remove any loophole in the script.

Currently, no release date has been announced for Detroit Become Human but the game is expected to launch in 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Gamerant