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Super Mario Odyssey Multiplayer Will Be Coming, Nintendo Says

Nintendo finally showed us some gameplay for Super Mario Odyssey, and have even said that Super Mario Odyssey multiplayer will also be coming later. Considering that a big part of more recent Mario games have been multiplayer, a game like Odyssey should definitely have multiplayer to really be good.

Super Mario Odyssey was announced at the beginning of this year as a title that would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. However, since then we haven’t gotten much more information, until today. At their E3 presentation today we saw that in Super Mairo Odyssey, Mario could “possess” various objects and characters by using his hat.

The shenanigans that this could cause in Super Mario Odyssey multiplayer have endless possibilities, ranging from causing chaos across every level to just screwing one another over in general. Considering that you can take over anything from a frog to a T-rex to a car to even another human NPCs, the potential is almost endless.

For right now, though, it’s likely that Nintendo is working on the single-player story mode before they focus on the Super Mario Odyssey multiplayer, however at least now we know that that game mode will indeed be coming. According to Yoshiaki Koizumi, multiplayer in the game was a shoo-in, especially considering that the JoyCons can function as two different controllers.

So, you can hand one Joy-Con to your friend and keep the other for yourself, then play a game either on your Switch tablet’s screen or on the actual TV screen. With the Switch’s increased portability you can even play the game almost anywhere, so you can even play Mario on the go.

There’s still no real details about the Super Mario Odyssey multiplayer, but we’ll likely learn more about it either at another Nintendo Direct or through some other means soon.