Sony Explains Why There Will Be No Playstation Cross Platform Play

Over the course of E3, Microsoft touted a lot of cross-platform stuff, such as Minecraft, Rocket League, and more that could all be played not only on the Xbox One but a number of other consoles too, such as the Switch. However, Playstation cross platform play was not part of the list.

The reason why, according to Playstation executive Jim Ryan, is because the company supposedly has a responsibility to its install base, along with cross-platform play being a commercial decision between Sony and its shareholders.

When it comes to the install base comment, the reason there’s no Playstation cross platform play, even for a game like Minecraft, is because Sony can’t curate everything that kids might see during play. While Minecraft is highly popular with younger gamers, it’s still played by a number of older people that may do something parents could find objectionable.

The same goes for a variety of other games that Microsoft is adding to their own cross-platform program, like Rocket League. However, they apparently either don’t see objectionable content as a problem like Sony does, or at least trust parents and kids more to try and control things that they might find to be objectionable.

Nintendo also doesn’t seem to have a problem with cross-platform stuff, despite the fact that Nintendo is normally seen as the most kid-friendly console on the market. With playful characters like Kirby, Mario, and Pokemon, for Nintendo to also go cross platform sort of makes the Playstation cross platform play excuse ring hollow.

A similar situation arose when Playstation refused to allow Bethesda to put mods on its version of Fallout 4, mainly due to the fact it couldn’t curate what mods were uploaded. If Playstation cross platform play doesn’t come about for that same reason, it seems Playstation players will just have to deal.