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Sony Considered Series Creator for God of War PS4, Development Team Three Times Bigger than GOW2

God of War PS4’s development team is three times bigger than God of War 2, according to Sony Santa Monica. Moreover, Sony Santa Monica originally approached God of War creator David Jaffe to work on the game but due to his busy schedule, he refused the offer.

David Jaffe is the father of the franchise and is currently working on other projects. After his refusal, Sony Santa Monica Studio Head Shannon Studstill met with Cory Barlog and put him in charge of the operation. They wanted to reinvent the franchise and show a different side of Kratos, and a fresh take it is indeed.

Kratos and his Son were at E3 2017 via an extended gameplay demo. The gameplay reveals focused on enemy encounters, combat, the world serpent, and the mention of unknown gods that do not take kindly to the outsiders. The footage also featured a woman who warns Kratos about the gods whom Kratos has angered.

What’s interesting is that even though they are taking a different route with God of War, the game will not shy away from its core elements. Cory Barlog confirmed that God of War PS4 will not hold back at all when it comes to gore since the game takes place in a very violent time, its ESRB rating is a proof of this.

The upcoming God of War releases on Playstation 4 and PS4 Pro sometime in Early 2018. Sony has yet to confirm a finalized release date. You can expect it to launch somewhere during the Q1 of the next year.

However, the gameplay demo we saw at E3 2017 was not running on PlayStation 4 Pro.