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Intel X Series CPUs Price And Availability, Pre-orders Start 19th June

Intel X series CPUs consist of Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X CPUs and the CPUs feature up to 18-cores and 32-threads. We got the announcement at Computex a few weeks back and it was surprising to learn about the availability of these CPUs at E3. Before this, we had little to no information regarding when these CPUs will be coming out.

Intel has announced that they will start taking pre-orders for the Intel X series CPUs starting 19th June. These are the 4,6,8 and 10 core variants. These will be shipped to consumers starting the 26th of June. 12-core variants will begin to ship in August. 14, 16 and 18 core variants will be shipping out in October. This is sooner than expected.

Looking at how it is possible that AMD will be releasing AMD Threadripper next month, these dates do make sense. Intel has been trying to push products as fast as possible ever since AMD Ryzen came out and became a threat. Now Threadripper is also a potential threat and even though we do not know the performance of these chips, AMD will offer some competition.

There is little that we know about the CPUs with more than 10 cores. Intel’s documents do not give complete specifications about these CPUs but I am sure that the gaps will be filled in before the pre-order phase starts. These upcoming Intel X series CPUs will be based on the 2066 socket and will work with the X299 platform.

Intel X Series CPUs

We have seen some benchmarks regarding both the upcoming Intel and AMD chips. According to those benchmarks, the Intel CPUs perform better than AMD. On the other hand, AMD could offer better pricing and tip the scale in their favor. Pricing for AMD CPUs has not been officially announced but there are some rumors.

Let us know what you think about the release dates of the Intel X series CPUs and whether or not you are interested in buying one of these processors.