Bethesda: Elder Scrolls 6 Still Not In Development, Other Releases First

With E3 now winding down after a weekend of cool reveals, one thing was noticeable: the sheer amount of different versions of Skyrim that were being released. The reason for this is, according to Bethesda, that Elder Scrolls 6 is currently not in development; Bethesda has other games to release first.

Bethesda had two “new” multiplatform releases that they announced during their conference: Wolfenstein 2: The Lost Colossus, and The Evil Within 2. Apparently, from what we can interpret by Bethesda’s statement, both of those games have to be released before they even start to consider a sixth Elder Scrolls game.

Considering what both Wolfenstein and The Evil Within have gotten over the past few years (one a critically acclaimed shooter that was hailed as a triumphant return to Wolfenstein, the other a technical mess that was harshly criticized for its bugs), Bethesda will have a lot of work ahead of it in order to get to the point where they can focus on an Elder Scrolls game.

We don’t really have any sort of idea of what an Elder Scrolls 6 would be, anyway, as there’s been no information released about it and the only real Elder Scrolls content we’ve gotten is The Elder Scrolls Online’s recently released Morrowind expansion.

While it would most likely be just as much of a success as Skyrim (especially considering all of the different ways Bethesda is going to be releasing Skyrim on a variety of other platforms), it would be better for Bethesda to be able to focus on one game rather than a bunch at once.

Either way, it won’t be until both of those games are released that Bethesda will be making any sort of Elder Scrolls 6, but at least there’s a ton of “new” Skyrim content that will hopefully keep you busy until then.