Brothers In Arms Is Still In Development At Gearbox, Studio Will Self-Publish The Game

Brothers In Arms is a long running game franchise developed by Gearbox series. However, fans have been waiting for Gearbox to release a new Brothers in Arms game and despite the announcement of Furious 4 a few years back gamers are still waiting for it.

Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, has confirmed that Brother in Arms is still in development in an interview with Geoff Keighley. He also confirmed that the game will feature Sergeant Baker as the main protagonist. According to Randy, it has been in development for quite some time and also revealed that Gearbox will self-publish the game.

He added that he is grateful of Ubisoft for publishing the previous entries in the franchise but, that partnership with them has run its course and it seems that both companies have different interests regarding the upcoming game.

He further added that from a tactical side of things Brother in Arms has been a strong franchise and it is not just a shooter but a test of player’s skills. He praised Telltale Games for their work on Tales From Borderlands and noted that they have learned a lot from them.

However, that is not the only title in development at Gearbox as the studio has confirmed that it is working on Borderlands 3. Also, during GDC 2017 conference Gearbox showcased a tech demo, which the studio said will power the upcoming Borderlands game.

Speaking of Borderlands, The studio has also confirmed that Borderlands 3 will not be coming to Nintendo Switch. Which comes as a surprise since the game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 and this very game engine is officially supported for Switch.

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Source: Youtube