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God of War Gameplay Footage Shown at E3 2017 Wasn’t from PS4 Pro

One of the highlights of Sony’s Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 media briefing was, without a doubt, an extended gameplay reveal of the upcoming God of War. In case you are wondering whether the gameplay footage was running on a PS4 Pro or not, we have learnt that it was straight from a standard Playstation 4.

During an interview on YouTube Live @ E3 2017, the Game Director Cory Barlog confirmed that the gameplay footage shown on the showfloor was not running on a PS4 Pro. You can check out the entire video interview attached after the break:

In addition to an extended interaction between father and son, the gameplay reveal also focused on enemy encounters, combat, the world serpent, and the mention of unknown gods that do not take kindly to the outsiders. The footage also featured a woman who warns Kratos about the gods whom Kratos has angered. As far as this woman is concerned, Santa Monica has yet to divulge her identity. If you missed it, you can find it below:

The upcoming God of War releases on Playstation 4 and PS4 Pro sometime in Early 2018. Sony has yet to confirm a finalized release date. You can expect it to launch somewhere during the Q1 of the next year.

Seeing how good God of War looked running on the standard PS4, I can only imagine how brilliant it will look on a PS4 Pro. What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments section below!