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You’ll Be Able To Play Minecraft In 4K On Xbox One X

Microsoft and Mojang just announced at their Xbox One conference that players would be able to get Minecraft in 4K on the Xbox One X, complete with a graphical upgrade that adds in various things like volumetric lighting, shading, and god rays, and it will be coming later this year.

Minecraft has been an Xbox staple ever since it made the jump from being a PC exclusive to being Xbox and Playstation 4-available. However, this new upgrade appears to be exclusive to the Xbox One, unless the Playstation 4 Pro is also getting an upgrade like it on its own version of Minecraft.

While some may think that Minecraft shouldn’t have to look like this even if it’s a version of Minecraft in 4K, other people that want their games to look as good as possible will likely jump at the chance to get it, if they’re part of the Minecraft crowd.

And, considering the huge amount of content Minecraft has on it that allows you hours of content to play with your friends, this is probably one of the best things that can happen to the game, if you’re looking to get an Xbox One X and get Minecraft in 4K for yourself.